Ray Bing The Runner?

About Ray Bing.

He is a UESCA Certified Running Coach. He's been curious and learning about running for the past 8+ years. There have been a couple injuries that temporarily sidelined his running. Being that his journey started off inside of the gym, he had a perfect foundation for strength to start out with. He was told once before to lean down muscle tone for modeling, so choosing running became a priority to learn everything possible about the sport; being resourceful and constantly researching to experiment with different techniques pertaining to running and some that had nothing to do with running. He was inspired to run in high school when making the basketball team was a bust, but fitness wasn't. That was the true start. Over the years, he's found out new techniques and also created a few. Having friends that sought his knowledge, they were able to apply these moves and manipulations which in turn resulted in them evolving into not only better runners, but better athletes. Many of them continue to flourish with their running.